Locust Valley Deli

190 Forest Ave
Locust Valley, NY
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Locust Valley Deli

Deli bistro in suburban Long Island NY, seating for 15, mostly a takeout place; Store #1 of 2-store chain; owner considering signing up second store based on experience with first

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"The Locust Valley Deli is the best choice in town for sandwiches, salads and casual fare. Great staff and key location, sensible pricing and a variety of menu choices."

" A great place to stop for lunch or a snack and an excellent choice for catering local events. Get the Perka app and join the LV Deli rewards club. This place is a standby. You'll love it."

" I love this place. They have an excellent cold drink selection. This is the first thing i was impressed with. Plenty of really great organic choices."

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