Peace Pies - Encinitas

133 Daphne St
Encinitas, CA
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Peace Pies - Encinitas

PEACE PIES is committed to providing RAW/VEGAN/GLUTEN and SOY-FREE foods to all. We offer a full menu consisting of pies, pizzas, salads, wraps, entrees, dried goods, desserts, chocolates and accessories to aid in the live food lifestyle. We have built strong relationships with numerous local farms who supply us with the freshest local ingredients. We are constantly creating new recipes to keep things new and exciting. We practice a strict ZERO-WASTE policy, including composting of our food scraps and using earth-friendly packaging. Come by either of our locations for a mind- expanding experience! PEACE PIES. Changing the world one slice at a time.

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"Unreal! I cannot believe this is all raw vegan. So delicious!!! I ordered the pizza and the Med Wrap and they were both fabulous. I'm in disbelief something Raw could be so amazing. I'll be back here for sure."

"My favourite raw vegan place in SD! There's not a lot of good raw vegan places around town and I think this may be the best one (with affordable price too!) We will come here when we crave for clean and light but delicious food. Menu is creative and unconventional (i.e. Not just salads) packed with lots of flavours ( because of their amazing sauce!) I am not a vegan but I wouldn't mind eating this all the time. My favorites are their Mediterranean plate (amazing falafels! Crispy on the outside), Nori Nirvana and kelp noodles. Soooo good!!"

"This was our first time coming here and Wow!! This place is amazingly good!! We had the Raw Falafel as an Appetizer and for Dinner we had the Raw Mango Wrap. We also had the Cinnamon Rolls for Dessert. Oh and you can't forget about their kombucha. I'm giving this place a 5-star because it's absolutely delicious. The flavors are amazingly good, very tasty and very refreshing."


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